Calgary Stampeders
Birthdate Dec 31
Years with Team 4

Number of years with the Outriders: 4

Hometown: Born and raised Calgarian

Occupation: Field Clerk in the Construction industry

Field of Study/Career goals: Aspirations in the Occupational Health and Safety Sector

Guilty Pleasure: Watermelon!

Favourite way to stay fit: Turbo Jam! And dance of course!

Favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon: Surrounded by mountains.

Favourite Maddpretty service: This may not be a service but the "Magic Stick" is an amazing all-in-one foundation product that really says it all in the name! It's "Magic" I tell ya!

Playing on my iPod right now: Somethin by Biggy Smalls, can't go wrong there.

Favourite Event/Charity: If I have to pick one event I would have to say Fanfest! It's the kickoff to the season and it's nice to see all the Stamps fans and meet new ones.

Words of wisdom I live by: Dedicate to the process to achieve the outcome.

My role model: Would have to be the Wood family, especially the leader of the pack, Karen, who deserves the best mother award. Along with my mom, of course ;)

Advice for young girls: Don't let others set limitations for you. Impossible is nothing.

Best thing about being an Outrider: Having the opportunity to combine my two favorite things: community involvement and dance!

Favourite thing about Calgary: I enjoy the friendly small-town feel.

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Calgary 0
Edmonton 0
2:30 pm Monday, September 7, 2015
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