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Fan info

Calgary Stampeder Football Club
McMahon Stadium
1817 Crowchild Tr. NW
Calgary, AB T2M 4R6

Administration office

Phone: 403-289-0205 calgary_retro1960.jpg
Fax: 403-282-6741
Hours: Mon.–Fri: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Stampeders’ Ticket Office

Phone: 403-289-0258 or toll-free 1-800-667-3267
Fax: 403-289-6828
Regular-season hours:
• Mon.–Fri: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
• Sat.: 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
• 2 days prior to game day: 9 a.m.–8 p.m. (except weekends)
• Game day: 9 a.m. until end of half time
Off-season hours:
• Mon.–Fri: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
• Sat.: 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
Note: Click here to see detailed ticket office hours with respect to specific statutory holidays or early closure dates.

Group tickets

Groups of 20 or more may purchase game day group tickets, at a discount of 15 per cent (not including premium games) by calling our Group Sales Department at 403-284-6441.

Will Call

The main Will Call windows are located at the Southeast corner of McMahon Stadium between the Stampeders’ Ticket Office and Stamps’ Store. In order to accommodate anticipated heavier volumes, an alternate Will Call location will be used for all Calgary Stampeders premium games. These Will Call windows are located on the East side of McMahon Stadium between the center gates directly below the large Stampeders horse logo.

Stamps’ Store

Phone: (403) 289-4441

Fan mail


Access for the disabled

Wheelchair and disabled (reserved) seating is available at the north end of McMahon Stadium, under the canopy above the Olympic Volunteer Center. Building access is via the wheelchair ramp located at the northeast corner of the stadium.

The 140 assorted positions are specifically designed to accommodate both wheelchair-bound and ambulatory-disabled patrons and afford an excellent view of the action on the field. The admission is $3 for the fan with special needs and complimentary for the attendant.

At the conclusion of each football season, the entire amount of admission fees collected throughout the year is donated to local charitable organizations. Some of the beneficiaries have included the Calgary Handi-Bus Association, Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association and the Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society.

Accessible parking

Disabled (reserved) parking is provided but is very limited at McMahon Stadium. Please have proper identification, as a disabled (reserved) parking permit is mandatory for entrance into the McMahon Stadium parking lot on game day.

Drop-off spots are also available should all of the disabled (reserved) parking be taken at the time of your arrival. All those seeking disabled (reserved) parking should enter the stadium off Crowchild Trail at the entrance immediately south of the traffic lights at 23rd Avenue NW.

McMahon Stadium parking

Season-long parking is completely sold out. There is no single-game parking. Parking passes are good for one parking stall only. The Calgary Stampeder Football Club and The McMahon Stadium Society assume no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage due to fire, theft or otherwise to the vehicle and its contents, however caused. The replacement of a lost, stolen or misplaced season parking pass will be made at the owner’s expense. A limited number of replacement passes may be purchased at the ticket office for $15 (plus GST) per game. The original parking pass is no longer valid, and will be confiscated if used for entry to the McMahon Stadium parking lot.

Duplication of parking passes is a criminal offense. Security features have been included.

As an alternative, consider the use of City Transit.

Information booths

The Information booths are located on each side of the stadium (East and West). These booths provide information to our guests about season tickets and game-day information, First Aid, locations for specific concessions/vendors, washrooms, a map of the stadium, and more information to assist you in enjoying Stampeders Football to the fullest.

Hosting activities (tailgating)

Hosting activities is a privilege not a right and is subject to specific rules and regulations. The main purpose and function of the parking area surrounding McMahon Stadium is reserved for parking. On game days, the entire parking area is sold to a limited number of Calgary Stampeder season-ticket holders. In order to maintain game-day parking privileges and to facilitate hosting activities, we ask that those participating in hosting activities recognize and comply with the following:

  • Open alcohol on the McMahon Stadium parking lot is against the law and will be subject to prosecution
  • Hosting Activities is restricted to one parking stall per parking pass
  • Do not encroach onto the fire lanes
  • Secure barbeques and propane supply
  • Remove all garbage (including barbecue coals)
  • Do not dump barbeque coals onto the parking lot or into the planters
  • Carry a fire extinguisher in your vehicle
  • Use supplied portable toilets
  • McMahon Stadium parking lot must be vacated 30 minutes after the completion of the game
  • The sale of all foods, beverages and merchandise unless authorized jointly between the Calgary Stampeder Football Club and the concessionaire is forbidden on McMahon Stadium property and commercialized catering will not be permitted on McMahon Stadium property

Stadium policies and procedures

We believe Stampeders fans are among the greatest in professional sports, but there can be instances of thoughtlessness and lack of common sense in a crowd of 30,000 plus. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all our guests, The McMahon Stadium Society will continue to enforce policies for guest conduct. Violating these policies may warrant ejection or arrest.

Reporting an incident

Problems? Concerns? Let us know. For any question or issue arising during game day, please complete an incident report form. If a reply is requested, a representative from the team will contact you regarding your report. Fans can also report any problems or concerns by phoning or texting the Fan Security Hotline at 403-975-8830.

>> Incident report

Gates open

Gates open for Stampeders home games one hour prior to the designated game time.

Smoking policy

Subject to City of Calgary smoking By-Law number 57M92, McMahon Stadium is a non-smoking facility. The smoking by-law applies within the confines of McMahon Stadium including the seating bowl and all concourse areas.

First Aid

First Aid stations are located under sections J (West Concourse) and N (East Concourse). St. John Ambulance attendants provide first aid throughout McMahon Stadium. Attendants can be found on both concourses. Qualified paramedics and medical support staff are also available at McMahon Stadium on game days.

Stadium security, ushers, ticket takers

Public relations ambassadors (dressed in red), stadium security (dressed in maroon), gate security (dressed in yellow), ushers (dressed in maroon), ticket takers (dressed in red or black) and field security (dressed in black) are employed by The McMahon Stadium Society. Game Day support staff are located at the main entrances to the stadium as well as all entrances to the stadium seating area. They are available to assist you in getting to your seats and to deal with any fans who are mistakenly occupying your assigned seats. Stadium security and ushers are supported by members of the Calgary Police Service. For further information, please contact McMahon Stadium by calling 403-282-2044.

Prohibited actions

Any one of the following actions may warrant ejection or arrest:

  • Open alcohol on the McMahon Stadium parking lot is against the law and will be subject to prosecution
  • Subject to City of Calgary Smoking By-Law number 57M92, McMahon Stadium is a non-smoking facility
  • Trespassing on the playing field
  • Throwing objects onto the field or in the stands
  • Standing on seats
  • Disorderly conduct (including drunkenness and the use of profanity)
  • Abuse of intoxicants
  • Running throughout the stadium

Ticket scalping

The Calgary Stampeder Football Club prohibits the resale of any and all game tickets on McMahon Stadium Property by a third-party vendor.

Prohibited items

McMahon Stadium and the City of Calgary Police Service may from time to time inspect and request you to open backpacks, bags and purses. This policy is for the safety off all in attendance during Stampeders games at McMahon Stadium. Items not permitted to brought into McMahon Stadium include:

  • Food/beverage including alcohol
  • Containers, including can/bottles and coolers
  • Laser devices
  • Fireworks or flare guns
  • Objects that may become projectiles
  • Rollerblades, skateboards and bi-cycles
  • Pets (except assistive animals)

Please note: There is no provision to store the above-mentioned items on site.


Video cameras and still cameras are allowed at McMahon Stadium during Stampeders home games. You may bring in your cameras and take video and pictures as long as they are intended for personal use and not for future sale or public use. The use of video cameras and still cameras must not interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game.

Radio and television

You may bring in a portable radio or television as long as it doesn’t interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game.

General information

  • Children 24 months of age and younger are admitted to all Calgary Stampeders games without a ticket. This is subject to the child sitting on the adult’s lap. Children over the age of 24 months must have a ticket even when sitting on an adult’s lap.
  • All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable
  • Tickets should be retained throughout the game to allow ushers to verify the seat location to which the holder is entitled. Tickets may be required to identify game day contest winners
  • Fans may leave McMahon Stadium and re-enter if they pick up a checkout on their way out of the Stadium at one of the four checkout gates located in the four corners of the Stadium
  • All season-ticket holders are responsible for whoever utilizes their ticket and occupies their particular seat for any Stampeders home game. Should the conduct of any individual require intervention from the Stadium security staff or their conduct becomes excessively irritating, threatening or unsafe to other fans, the Calgary Stampeder Football Club reserves the right to cancel a portion or all tickets for the remaining games and/or the season-ticket folder’s right to renew in the future
  • Fans cannot be paged over the public address system except in cases of extreme emergency
  • The Canadian Football League and McMahon Stadium regulations prohibit spectators from entering the playing field. Violators will be prosecuted
  • Fans utilizing the McMahon Stadium Reserved Parking Area during Calgary Stampeders home games are reminded that commercialized catering will not be permitted on McMahon Stadium property. In recognition of the Catering Services Agreement between the Calgary Stampeder Football Club, concessionaire and The McMahon Stadium Society, all additional food and beverage service required beyond the normal hosting activities must be arranged through the concessionaire by calling 403-282-9111. Reminder — no food and/or beverage items are to be brought into McMahon Stadium).

For further information, please contact the following: Stan Schwartz, Calgary Stampeder Football Club at 403-289-0205; the Calgary Flames Food Services at 403-282-9111 or John Haverstock, The McMahon Stadium Society at 403-282-2044.

Thank you

The Calgary Stampeders thank you for your continued support. We welcome any comments or suggestions.

Please mail, fax or e-mail your comments to:
Calgary Stampeder Football Club
McMahon Stadium, 1817 Crowchild Tr. NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 4R6

Phone: 403-289-0205
Fax: 403-282-6741

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