October 18, 2011

Ashley: The importance of fitness

Hey Stamps Fans!

This year, the Outriders have really stepped up our fitness and nutrition and I want to share what we do to keep healthy.

We are athletes. We work hard all season conditioning our bodies to maintain high energy levels throughout a three-hour football game. This year, we started the Ashley_I111018.jpgseason with a two-week training camp as part of our new audition process.

We were required to wear a half top and fitted shorts to practices, which helps keep you aware and accountable for your physique. We have a personal trainer, Chris Henderson, who teaches us about fuelling our bodies properly and he pushes us through intense team workouts.

We are required to keep our fitness levels in peak condition all season, so heading to the gym for regular workouts on our own is a must.  It’s not about being skinny or on a diet. It’s about being healthy, fit and living an energetic lifestyle.

As a personal trainer myself, I know the value of treating your body with respect by giving it the proper nutrition and chance to move and be strong. There is an athlete in all of us. Eat right and get moving. Your body will thank you for it.

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