November 9, 2011

Corinne: It’s playoff time

Hey Stamps fans, it’s playoff time!

What an exciting season it has been! With a three-way tie in the West, this past weekend was both exciting and stressful for CFL fans everywhere. Every game had meaning for the overall standings and so we found ourselves cheering for teams like Saskatchewan and Montreal, which felt somewhat unusual.

This is my third year on the Outriders and this is the first time I’ve experienced such a close season.Corinne250_111109.jpg

For the Outriders, not knowing whether we will host a game or not means we need to be prepared in advance for any outcome. Prepping dances for games and ensuring we have sufficient practice time for either situation.

The Stamps pulled out a tremendous win against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday, winning 30-24 at McMahon Stadium. It was such a great feeling to be on the sidelines for that excitement. Despite the cold, the fans were out there in full spirit and I couldn’t be more proud of the Red and White.

Unfortunately, with BC taking the win that evening against Montreal, we found ourselves in third place at the end of regular season. This means the Stampeders will be travelling to Edmonton to take on the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday at Commonwealth Stadium.

I am excited to announce the Outriders will be making the trip as well to support the team and represent all the fans back home in Calgary who can’t be there. This has been such a tight season and it’s very likely we will see close games this playoff season. It all comes down to these next three games

I am optimistic that the Stampeders can come together as a team and pull out these crucial wins and I am so honoured to be a part of it.

So, Stamps fans, let’s make sure we help out our Stampeders the best way we can by showing our support and encouragement in these following weeks!

It’s playoff time, baby — get your Game Face on!

Go Stamps Go!

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