November 15, 2011

Petra: A playoff road trip

Everyone knows that playoffs are the most exciting time of the season.

Surprisingly, there was a three-way tie in the West Division between Calgary, Edmonton and BC. Because of how things played out this season, BC snagged first place with Edmonton second. Being in third place meant no home playoff games for the Stampeders. Petra_111115.jpg
Normally, the outriders only have two trips a year — the Labour Day rematch in Edmonton and Grey Cup, wherever it may be. This year, we have been so fortunate to have doubled the amount of trips, adding Touchdown Atlantic in Moncton and another ride to our northern neighbors up in Edmonton.
When we found out that we were playing the Eskies in their territory, we knew we had to be there to cheer on our team! Our journey started on Sunday, Nov. 13 bright and early as we boarded the bus to YEG. We made our way up to Edmonton and were able to practice for a little bit before the western semifinal game started.

We knew coming into this game that we were going to have to be exceptional because the Eskimos have had a great season. The Battle of Alberta always makes for an interesting game.

Although the stadium was mostly green and gold, there were definitely a lot of supportive Stamps fans out there cheering with us, which was great to see! It was a cold day but that didn’t stop us from cheering loud for our team.
Unfortunately, this time the Edmonton Eskimos prevailed and it was a heart-breaking loss for the Stampeders. We were so happy we could be a part of their playoff journey and enjoyed every minute of it.

Although the football season has now ended for the team, we Outriders are fortunate enough to still have something to which to look forward — the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver! I would like to thank everyone for coming out to games and events and showing their support for our Calgary Stampeder Football Club.

Until next year.

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