November 22, 2011

Kim: Heading to Vancouver!

Oh hey, Stamps fans!

As you all know, it is that time of the year again — Grey Cup!

My lovely friend Petra wrote about our playoff experience and while we were all looking forward to cheering on the Red and White in the championship game, our season isn’t over quite yet. Although we won’t be joined by our team this year (we’ll get ’em next season!) the Outriders are still working hard to represent Calgary in Vancouver. Kim_111122.jpg

Anyone who’s had a chance to see us dance at home games knows that we love to perform and we give it our all. Grey Cup isn’t any different! We have two pre-game dances to the Arkells (one of which is televised) as well as an entire quarter performing our sideline routines as a full team.

If you don’t have tickets to the game, don’t worry! We have four full days of various performances and appearances around Vancouver, so come say hello and buy a 2012 calendar!

One of the most important aspects of our trip to Grey Cup every year is to act as ambassadors for the club. This involves attending different promotional events all day, but especially performances at every team’s hospitality suite. Anyone who’s been to Grey Cup festivities before will agree with me — Stamps House is the place to be!

We also have the chance to perform with all of the other cheer teams in the CFL at CheerFest. Each team works hard and prepares an eight-minute performance, which we then show off to all of the fans in attendance.

I know what you’re thinking — eight minutes of straight dancing? It’s true! These last few weeks, we’ve been working on our CheerFest routine as well as our usual game-day/playoff preparations. It’s quite the cardio workout but so worth it!

Everyone has been working so hard to learn, memorize and perfect the choreography (which is incredible, by the way). Our coaches have been outstanding this season and I cannot wait until we get to Vancouver to show off all of our hard work.

I’m incredibly appreciative to be a part of such an amazing experience and can honestly say that this year’s routine is going to rock CheerFest.

On behalf of all of the Outriders, I’d like to thank all of you fans for your support throughout the season. I’d also like to thank the club for being so generous and sending us on so many trips all over Canada. Calgary is the greatest city and we are so honoured to represent all of you at the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver.

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