November 15, 2012

Arthur: Not ready for the season to end

It’s been a long season, but I’m not ready for it to come to an end just yet.

I’m just getting in the swing of things since my injuries earlier in the season.

From the start of the season. I felt like I had a great camp. It felt like I was on the same page as everybody getting better, and then of course I suffered the hamstring injury. It ended up sideling me much longer than I wanted.

I worked really hard with Patty (Clayton) to get healthy. Once I did, Huff gave me an opportunity to get in and it’s been a real blessing ever since. I’m really thankful for teammates — they helped me rehab.

We have such a great receiving corps. We’re a very close-knit group and they made sure to keep me involved, always keeping my spirits up. Now I’m back and I’m just trying to contribute anyway I can.

Last week in the semifinal, I had an opportunity to make a big play and I’m just happy everything came through.

On the touchdown, I was trying to get open on a corner route. When I looked back, I saw Drew scrambling a little bit and figured I would head to the end-zone. The DB had pretty good coverage but Drew had the faith, he threw it up, gave me an opportunity to make a play. It’s playoff football out there — the referees let us play physical and I came down with the ball.

I was so excited, I couldn’t even celebrate. I’m really happy I had a chance to score. It was my first playoff touchdown so I’m sure its something I’m always going to remember. Just another classic game between Calgary and Saskatchewan.

I kept the ball. I’m going to get a nice little display for it when I head home to Montreal in the off-season. It will be nice to share it with my friends and family.

Moving on from Saskatchewan now, I’m just focused on what lies ahead in BC. I can’t wait to get out there and show them we mean business.

I see a lot of similarities between our ’08 Championship team and this team and I can’t wait for our opportunity on Sunday. Like the ’08 team, were a very gritty team. We find ways to win. Despite what’s going on in the game, we just find ways to win.

It’s kind of funny too — if history repeats itself, the last time Obama was voted in as president we won the Grey Cup.

We’ve got to just take it one game at a time though. Saskatchewan was our first test, BC will be another tough test Sunday but I’m confident in the guys we have in our locker-room.

I ‘m extremely excited to see if we can win one more and get to the 100th Grey Cup.

Jabari Arthur, #81
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