December 5, 2015

Ontko: We will bounce back

Calgary Stampeders

My first CFL game was awesome and a great experience. The game is fast. I knew the Canadian game was fast coming in, but you really appreciate the speed when you’re out there.

Special teams were on the field a lot tonight and I’m sore. We definitely did some running out there tonight. There will definitely be a lot for me to work on this week, but it’s a good foundation to start to work on. Like Huff says, every week we work on becoming an even better football team.

Tonight, I was fortunate enough to recover the ball on one of our returns. I was going up against a great player all game, No. 77 (Mathieu Boulay) and I have great respect for him after tonight because he’s fast and very physical.

I was trying to stay on my blocking and then I saw the ball pop out from where Tim (Brown) was and I just kind got on it as fast as I could. I started cramping at the bottom of the pile as guys were trying to pull on my arms as we fought for the ball. I just held on with the death grip because I was making sure I came out of that pile with the ball.

As a team, we will bounce back from this loss tonight. I think it starts in the film room — it’ll start tomorrow.

You have to look at the film and just find ways to get better off of it. We can’t make the same mistakes twice, speaking for myself and everybody else on this team. So it starts in the film and then it needs to translate into practice on the field next week.

This is a team that fights back when we get knocked down, so we’ll make sure we prepare well for our next game and come out on top.

Cameron Ontko, #48
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