February 2, 2016

Grey Cup dream came up short

CP Images/Walter Tychnowicz

We knew it was going to be a dogfight out there. The first half, we settled for a lot of field goals. We got into the red zone inside the five and couldn’t punch it in. We knew we needed to score touchdowns instead of field goals.

In the second half, we starting mixing it up with some different plays and started making more plays and got into the end zone a couple of times. We had a chance to get ourselves into a one-possession game but we’ve just got to stay disciplined in those situations.

We could have put the pressure on to play a closer game. They were free and we could tell because they were still taking their shots downfield and they were up by two or three touchdowns. If it was closer, I feel like they would have been more conservative and we would have had a better chance of winning the game.

We knew we were going to score some points so we just had to hold the score in the game. We had the ball and scored two touchdowns and had a chance to make it a one possession game but came up a little short with a minute-and-a-half left.

We definitely had a lot to play for this game – the coaching staff, for ourselves and for our families. The Grey Cup dream came up short. We wanted to win it for Huff since it’s his last year on the sidelines. Since I’ve been here, Huff has been a great coach and we appreciate everything he’s done. He’s still going to be around the office so he’s still going to have his fingerprints on the organization for sure.

It won’t be too hard to watch the Grey Cup. I know a couple of the players on the Eskimos so I told them to go get ’em and represent the West. We were the best two teams all year and we gave them a good game but I feel like Edmonton is going to come out on top – I’ll root for them a little bit, I guess.

Eric Rogers, #80
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