June 14, 2016

One for the money, two for the Joe

I felt great for the game last night. I think I was well prepared going into it. We had some good practices during training camp and I felt like things were coming together. I was just trying to get better and pay attention to the details the last two weeks so I could come out here and give the fans a show.

I was blessed with a couple of nice plays. It was definitely something I was prepared for. I was really trying to work on my craft this pre-season and pay attention to detail so I could go out on the field and make the most of my plays. From here on, I’ll continue to work hard to continue executing the way I should.

Overall, last night was not the best performance as a team. But we had some starters who played well in the first quarter and there were a couple of individual plays that were good throughout the remainder of the game. We just have to take advantage of the opportunities that we get when they are presented to us and that goes for everybody.

We left so much out there on the field. Today we will have to come back and start studying these plays, the film and these teams in the league. We need to start preparing better, paying more attention to detail and go out there to do right by our coaches and our fans.

There have been some changes. This year we are missing Eric Rogers, we’re missing Jeff Fuller, we’re missing some big guys but that means somebody has got to step up. Those changes can’t be considered an excuse. It just opens the door for someone else. We ‘ve got guys like Marquay McDaniel who is out here paying attention to details in practice and helping the young guys out there. We’re all out on the field working but someone has to step up and take their spots. I’m willing to be that guy if the ball’s coming to me for sure and I know there are other guys here who want to do the same, too.