July 2, 2016

Stamps offence capitalizes

Marquay McDaniel against Winnipeg on July 1, 2016 (Photo by David Moll)

It was a short week this week and because we had a good two weeks of practice, I felt that all across the board we had good focus as receivers.

The main difference today was we were hitting the plays that we didn’t last week against the Lions. We knew we left a lot of plays out there on the field last week – not to take anything away from BC, but there were a lot of plays out there that we didn’t connect on. We made a lot of plays today and kept the ball moving on down the field and got points.

We talked this week about what it would take to have success and we knew we wanted to jump on Winnipeg early. Another thing we didn’t do last week was score touchdowns when we had opportunities and tonight, we had a couple early field goals, but we got a touchdown early and it kind of built our momentum from there and we kept our foot on the pedal and just tried to keep scoring. That was the main thing. We wanted to keep running the ball, keep passing and marching down the field.

I have to give a shout out to the O-line. They did a great job. Bo was clean back there most of the night. Maybe there were a couple of plays he had to scramble on but he had clean looks most of the night. Once he gets on the same page with all of us, because it’s new guys out there, we’ll keep it going.

We tried to get Dave his first win last week. It would have been nice. His first win in his first game in BC, too. We owed him one this week so we wanted to make sure we did it at home and it was a good win. He got that Gatorade splash — that was funny. He saw it and tried to move out of the way but couldn’t.

Having Dave as my head coach, it’s no different for me because I’ve been around him since I’ve been here. He’s always been the O.C., calling the plays. I think now other guys on the team get to see who he really is. They get to see how he runs meetings and stuff. They get to see how he is a firm believer on the small things, on the details as keys to success.

Now we prepare for Ottawa. We have to go back to work. They are looking good. They’re defence looks good, they’re offence looks good. One thing for us as the offence is to keep our defence off the field. We just have to end drives with points. That’s going to be the key.