September 5, 2016

Wall: I finally got some picks

Defensive back Jamar Wall during the 2016 Labour Day Classic (Photo by David Moll)

Tonight was a big win for us. Of course, Edmonton is in our division so it’s always big, but any win is big for us.

We came out with great excitement and executed the game plan and incorporated some little things here and there. Overall, it was good and all positions played great – defence, offence, special teams. Everyone played great and did their assignments and we came out with the win.

For the most part, Edmonton gave us what we had prepared for. We just executed our plan very well. It felt good to beat them because they were the ones that were a stumbling block last year and, honestly, you always have that chip on your shoulder, knowing that’s what kept us from the Grey Cup. It’s a new year, of course, but it’s always in the back of your mind. Getting a little revenge is always fun.

Tonight, I didn’t feel anything particular, I just felt good. In the game and during warmups, I just felt really good. We came out and I finally got a couple of picks. I’d been waiting for them and we knew Reilly was going to throw jump balls because that’s what he does. He trusts his receivers big time and we finally came down with some. That’s big on our part.

As a defensive back group, we’re clicking right now. It’s something our coaches always tell us — to buy in, buy in. And that’s what we’ve always done. We trust the guys beside us, we know we’re going to make plays and if something happens, we know we have each other’s back. That’s a big thing in football because it’s not a one-man sport, it’s a 12-man sport. As long as we can continue to do that, we feel the sky is the limit for us. We’ve dropped a lot of potential picks and were a little behind on that end but if we can start catching all those, it’ll be a game-changer for us.

We’ve always got different things in our arsenal, we never come out and play a full game plan. We always prepare for what changes could happen, what things might not happen but, at the end of the day, we have to go out and play. They came out today and adjusted and did some things as well. Whatever they throw at us, we feel like we can defend. We’re a really good defence and now we feel like we’re clicking. We’ve been winning these games but hadn’t felt like we were really clicking until these last couple. Now, we feel like we match up really well to those guys.

The crowd tonight was a great factor. It’s tough on us because we have to make some calls and you can’t hear but neither can they. It’s a great feeling, especially this day when you have so many guys into it, we feed off of that. I said during the game that we appreciate the fans and I really meant it. They caused some delay-of-game penalties and were a factor and we really appreciated the fans.

Jamar Wall, # 29