October 11, 2016

McDaniel: Not where we want to be yet

Receiver Marquay McDaniel during a game against Winnipeg on Sept. 24, 2016 (Photo by David Moll)

It was a big win, especially how we got the win. Offensively, we had another good first half — we just struggled in the second half. To come back with 20 seconds left to kick a game-winner? That was big.

At the end, we knew we had enough time. We work on those little “chunk plays” in practice all the time and then we know we have Rene. I know his leg was hurting a little bit tonight but a 52-yarder was in his range and we knew he had a good shot to make it. He nailed it!

I wasn’t able to see much of the game because I was down. I want to look over the film to see but from when I was out there, most of the success they had was on us. They played the defences that we saw and we had success defending them early. We’ll look at the film and we’ll make adjustments. That’s just what we do, study the film and see how we can get better and go to work.

For myself tonight, both my legs were cramping up. I took a shot on my lower calf on my right side. I’m not sure if that was what triggered the cramps but it was crazy. I haven’t had cramps since high school but I have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

While I was fighting the cramps, I had the one play that was overturned. From what I saw on the replay, my hand was under it. I figured the nose of the ball hit the middle of my hand and bounced up. For me, it looked like a catch but you have to put it out of your mind. I can’t control that. Nothing we say was going to change that, so you just move on to the next play. That’s what we do around here, good play, bad play, we just move on to the next play.

Now we are preparing for Hamilton. Guys here are veterans. We’ve been here before. We’ve been a good team before but we don’t want to be good, we want to be great. We know we have to keep working to get to where we want to. Even though we’re getting wins, we’re not winning how we want to. So, we’ll go back to work and try to get better. This group here always works hard. I know we’ll get back here tomorrow and work on getting ready to face the East.

Marquay McDaniel, #16