October 11, 2016

Messam: A win for Mylan

First and foremost it feels good to get a win for our boy Mylan. We definitely dedicated this game and the rest of the season to him.

I felt like he was out there with us, you know. There were a lot of plays that just went our way, things that we couldn’t really explain and it definitely feel like he was here tonight.

I just want to send my prayers and my love to Miss Renee and Reggie Hill and thank them for giving me the strength to go out there and play this week because listening to his mom at the memorial definitely gave me a lot of courage and a lot of strength.

It was hard to harness our emotions tonight but we’re professionals and we’ve got to keep our emotions at bay and remain focused to go out there and win the football game. I feel like we did that and honoured him while doing that.

There were plays were I was very determined to get the most out of every snap. I just wanted to go out there and play how Mylan would’ve played. Everything was for him tonight and for the rest of the season.

Jerome Messam, #33