October 30, 2016

Charbonneau-Campeau: We’ve just got to refocus

Photo by Johany Jutras

I enjoyed being more a part of the offence today but you’re never happy when you lose a game. I didn’t play as good as I wanted to.

I think it’s a team effort too. I think a lot of players have a bad taste in their mouth but we’ve got a couple days to forget about it. Obviously it doesn’t really affect our season. We’ve just got to refocus.

It just sucks for me personally because I’ve never won in Montreal in five years now so it just has a little bit extra bad taste for me.

But we all know that it doesn’t matter that much because we all have bigger goals this year. And hopefully everybody who got a little bruised today – I think guys feel kind of sore – and hopefully we have enough days to heal that up and be ready for the Western Final.

Drew has been an exemplary 2nd quarterback all year, teaching us, backing up Bo and in meetings and everything. So obviously everyone wanted him to get that win. But it’s not only about Drew. It’s on the defence too and everybody, special teams had a couple missed plays. It’s really on everybody. Drew might be mad but he’ll just be back at it like everybody else and get ready for the Western Final.

I think it’s good being off for a little bit. The bye week is there for a reason. It’s a long season, it’s a rough sport, it’s hard on your body so it’s just good to have some extra days.

Simon Charbonneau-Campeau, #87