November 20, 2016

Durant: There’s just so much excitement

Receiver Lemar Durant during the 2016 Western Final (Photo by David Moll)

It’s crazy. There’s so much excitement and energy and we’re ready to get one more win. But we want to make sure we celebrate what we did today.

Sometimes I’m not involved in the offence as much and that’s just kind of the way it goes. Each year I expect to get better and better and the coaches just trust me to do more and more. This is just the start for me I feel and we’re just going to keep going and getting better as a team and I’m going to keep getting better as a player.

My first touchdown was just a reverse and it wasn’t supposed to be that easy, but the line and receivers blocked it up so well that I went into the end zone untouched. The second touchdown was kind of the same. I just popped out of the backfield and Bo just waited on me and was patient. Once again, everybody executed and did their job well so it made it easy for me.

Everyone talks about how they have a good bond with their team and that they’re a family. But it’s what I feel with our team makes us so special – we actually are a family and everyone gets along. The bond we have, you can’t explain it. You have to be a part of it.

Nothing changed in our offence as of late, there were just a lot of new parts. People were moving around to different places so we knew it would take some time to get rolling. Even when we’re stumbling in games, we still put big numbers so we just knew it was a matter of time and we never let it get to us and we just stayed focused.

We need to not change anything next week and just do exactly what we did to get to this point. This week we came out and practiced hard and we had fun and stayed loose. We didn’t let the nerves get to us and that’s when we’re at our best, when we’re taking care of the little details.

Lemar Durant, #1

Lemar Durant celebrates his touchdown with teammates DaVaris Daniels and Kamar Jorden during the 2016 Western Final (Photo by Canadian Press/Todd Korol)

Photo by Canadian Press/Todd Korol