June 11, 2017

Richard Sindani: Game Blog

Receiver Richard Sindani during a pre-season game on June 11, 2017 (Photo by Dale MacMillan)

Receiver Richard Sindani caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Andrew Buckley late in the fourth quarter, which would eventually count as the winning score. The rookie wideout has made a pair of spectacular catches over the two pre-season games and is looking to earn a spot on the roster.

[Andrew] Buckley called the play and I was able to get past my defender and I made the catch for the touchdown. It wasn’t routine, but Buckley made a great read and I made a good catch. It was the game-winner in the end.

I think people are fascinated with the big plays like my one-handed catch against the BC Lions. I think, more so, the coach-to-player thing comes into play. They’re able to see things that other people watching on TV or in the stands can’t see. Those are things that will make you a complete player. I’m really excited to continue to work with them and continue to see what I’m doing right and wrong.

I think this is the time of the year where you focus in more because there is more of a practice schedule where there is a lot of exertion, lot of film and a lot of corrections just for the start of the season. This is a time where guys start to dial in and focus and I’m excited for it.

Honestly, over the time since I’ve been drafted, I kind of got obsessed with the art of improving yourself. I think that’s something that I’ve always had in the back of my head but I don’t always think about it. I think this pre-season, I was able to do that. There’s some things I want to clean up and touch up on so I can prove myself to other people, but I think more so just proving to myself that I can do these things on a regular basis.

I’m absolutely dialed in on just making the team. It’s a bad mistake to enter the situation thinking, ‘oh, I have this option and that option’. It’s great to have options but it’s more vital to focus on the one at hand. I think this is the biggest one for me right now. I’m not in school right now. Those are things that I will look to in the future but, right now, my main focus is training camp.