July 17, 2017

Episode 2- Joshua Bell

DB Joshua Bell has a character as colourful as the face paint he can be spotted wearing on game days.

In this week’s Up Close Podcast, Bell explains where the original idea for the secondary to paint their faces came from, where he draws inspiration and maybe a hint or two on what we can expect from his self-called “make-up artist skills” this season.

In his fourth season with the Stampeders, Bell is a leader on the field and off, showing the newcomers to the Red and White what it means to represent the Horse. Bell reveals that he stays in close contact with former Stampeder Juwan Simpson and how his interactions with Simpson have helped him become the leader he is today.

A social media darling, Bell provides glimpses into his personal life through Instagram and SnapChat, two platforms he says are his favorite way to connect with the fans.

What’s in store for the veteran in the secondary with the crazy dance moves? He reveals all in this Up Close Podcast.

Josh Bell