September 30, 2017

Davis: Just continuing the journey

Ja'Gared Davis during a game against Montreal on Sept. 29, 2017 (Photo by David Moll)

I felt we played a pretty complete game across the board. The offence, we knew they were going to get going eventually. Bo Levi Mitchell had them firing on all cylinders. Terry Williams got into the game and you saw what he did. He was just waiting week in and week out to get his chance and he made the most of it. Special teams, they came out to play last night as well.

On defence, we just want to continue the journey. We had turnovers, the defensive line was getting to the quarterback, linebackers were playing a solid game, running around and getting tackles and the secondary was lights out again. Kudos to them. No matter what’s going on, we just all buy into the system. A lot of people wanted to look past Montreal to the bye week, but we knew we had to take care of this first then worry about the bye next week. That’s how we approached it.

I’m just out here making plays, I got a sack and a fumble recovery tonight. But I’m not doing it without Micah Johnson, Charleston Hughes, without Derek Wiggan, Mike Klassen, James Vaughters. Every week, we don’t know who is going to get there, we just try to rush as a team and the sacks will come. There’s proof in the pudding. Kudos to Coach Mace, he’s coaching us well every week. As long as we stick together and stick to the plan, hopefully one of us will come out with the CFL sack title.

I’m just trying to keep pace. I missed six games, so I’m in the mindset of trying to play catch-up. I don’t approach it thinking that I have to make play after play, I just come out and play the game that’s called and let the chips fall where they may.

Winning the West is the next big goal, but more than anything we’re all about winning the next game. Clinching and all of that is great, but our next focus after the bye week will be Hamilton. We can’t look too far ahead because we’ll get complacent and we could stumble and we don’t want to stumble. We want to keep the train rolling, fire on all cylinders, and we want to see where it takes us.

Home-field advantage is big for any team, but especially us. It’s going to mean so much to us to know that a team has to come see us to get to the Grey Cup. It goes to show what our team has been doing. We’ve been resilient week in and week out no matter who’s playing, who’s up, who’s down, who’s playing well and who’s playing bad. We’re still a team, we’re still buying in and we’re still depending on each other. It’s coming together.

A win like this in front of the fans, it’s big. We do it for the team but we also do it for the fans. Without them, what are we playing for? We’re not just playing for ourselves or the team, we’re playing for them. They could be anywhere in the world but they spend their nights coming out and cheering us on. We want to give them all the respect, all the love in the world. We do this for them.