October 21, 2017

Singleton: Don’t mean a thing without the ring

Alex Singleton (Photo by David Moll)

It’s cool to have set the record for most tackles in a season by a Canadian, but if we’re not winning the games, it doesn’t matter. We need to get rolling here – it’s playoff time.

Maybe when the season is over and you have a Grey Cup, you can think about it. But, without that, nothing matters. No awards, no records – nothing else matters. We just need to keep getting better and go attack the playoffs.

We just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing. It doesn’t matter how, but we need to keep giving the offence every opportunity we can. Like I’ve said all year, we don’t often know the score – we just keep getting the ball for the offence and taking the most of our opportunities, getting the turnovers when we can and making plays.

It’s nice to be included in conversations about different big awards but, for one, it doesn’t matter until you get them and, two, it doesn’t matter without the Grey Cup. A lot of it is just talk and just smoke. We had that all last year with the Grey Cup that we had won before we even showed up and we didn’t win. We can’t focus on that and we need to keep playing the game that’s in front of us.

We just have to keep the pedal to the metal, learn from this tough loss, win the next game and each game after that.