November 4, 2017

Olugbode: Good to be back out there

LB Kenneth Olugbode played in his first CFL game on Nov. 3, 2017 (Photo by Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh)

It was awesome to play defence, man. It was good to be back out there after playing only on special teams last week in my first game with the Stampeders. I haven’t played linebacker since August when I was at training camp with the Cleveland Browns. It was great to be out there on the field, whether it’s CFL or NFL. It’s a lot of fun.

It’s definitely the coldest game that I’ve ever played in. When you’re out there, you kind of forget about it and just play football, but you can feel it when you come back to the sideline.

I was lucky enough to recover a couple of fumbles in the game. Coach Brent Monson has been harping on us all week and since I’ve been here to run to the ball. So, I ran to the ball and the ball popped out — thanks to Jameer Thurman on both of them, honestly — so I just slid in there and grabbed the ball.

On the second one, I just had to hit the worm because it’s a great celebration. I’ve always wanted to do it ever since I figured out I could do the move. I figured it was an opportune time with the turnovers.

I think we did alright as a defence last night, but I think that we can always get better and always improve. I feel like we haven’t hit our ceiling and that there really is no ceiling – that we can keep going up. We need to keep getting better with every passing week.

The focus is winning. Just win. We just need to get on the horse and keep going. I just got here a few weeks ago and these guys have done a great job all year. But all of that is in the past. We’re all 0-0 and it’s about how you finish.