January 26, 2018

Roughnecks are a must-see

A couple of weeks ago the ’Dome was rockin’ with the Pigskin Party at the Roughnecks game and several Stamps players were in attendance.

They had a great time watching the game, were interviewed by Andrew McBride during the first quarter and a couple of them even participated in the Sumo football halftime show!

From the guys who attend games regularly to the ones who were taking in the action for the first time, everyone agreed they had an outstanding time.

We quizzed Rob Cote, Justin Renfrow, Rene Paredes and Charlie Power about their Roughnecks experience.

The Roughnecks are back in action at home on Saturday, Jan. 27 against Saskatchewan.

Justin Renfrow and Rene Paredes signing autographs before the Roughnecks’ Pigskin Party game in January

Do you go to many Roughnecks games?

Cote:  Yeah we come to a lot. We are actually friends with guys who play and used to play. Curtis Dickson and Andrew McBride I know. Great guys. And I love the Roughnecks because to me they really parallel with the CFL in that they are people in the community and it’s a bit more of a working-class league. It’s a really entertaining product and fun to come to the game and when you mix those things together, for me, it’s perfect.

Renfrow: This is my first Roughnecks game. Lacrosse is pretty big at my high school so I actually flirted with playing lacrosse a little bit but never did. But this is my first pro lacrosse game.

Paredes: I usually come to three or four games a year and we usually have a couple of the guys with us. We have a great time. It’s a great atmosphere and you see a lot of families and kids having a great time.

Power: I’ve been to a few over the years. One or two a year, I’d say.

What’s your favourite part of a Roughnecks game?

Cote:  The atmosphere. It’s one of my favourite things. They’ve got music playing the whole time, it’s really high energy. They always have the little kids, they take of their shirts and whip them around. They’ve got all these sayings where everybody in the crowd knows, like “Get in, sit down and shut up.” and all these things about being in the penalty box. They have all these sayings that everybody knows and they always shout them out. You walk in and you don’t know what you’re going to and then you get surprised by the loyal fan base and the excitement in the room.

Renfrow: Great atmosphere. Definitely like the music going on all the time so it’s a lot of fun. I would definitely tell people to come, bring your family. I’ve seen kids of all ages out there and all the kids are having fun with big smiles on their faces. So definitely a lot of fun.

Paredes: It’s the fans. They get super loud. They have fun. Obviously the players are good and they do a good job throughout the season.

Power: I like how it’s just a party. Lacrosse is fun to watch. I played it as a kid for a few years. But also they make the atmosphere around the game fun. There are lots of kids, lots of families here. When my girlfriend and I come, we have a blast.

What position would you play?

Cote: Bench-warmer. Water boy maybe. I think I could run with them. I’d be defence because I could run with them and play with them but I don’t have the skills at all. It’s a very, very skilled sport. You don’t realize how much it takes to carry the ball, never mind catching and throwing it, but just to carry it while you’re running is a real skill. So I’d have to do something where they weren’t passing it to me, I was just trying to check somebody.

Renfrow: I’d probably be some sort of defenceman, definitely.

Paredes: It looks like a fun game and I’d like to play but I’m not sure which position.

Power: If I played with these guys? I think it would have to be defence. I mean I don’t have the stick-skills that some of these guys have. But I think I could lock a couple of them down!

Which teammate would make the best goalie?

Cote:  Justin Renfrow here. He’d take up most of the net. Probably, to be honest, some sort of receiver would be good at it because they have a fast reaction.

Renfrow: Cote’s right. I probably would make a pretty good goalie. I’d cover the whole net.

Paredes: Somebody from the o-line. Whoever’s the biggest on the o-line I’ll put in him. So probably Spencer Wilson or Dan Federkeil.

Power: I’d probably put in Quinn Smith. He’s a big guy, athletic. I think he’d do well there.