July 26, 2018


Just like riding a bike.

Since Eric Rogers’ return to the CFL, he and Bo Levi Mitchell have re-ignited the chemistry the dynamic duo had during a dominant 2015 season.

“It’s awesome,” Mitchell said of having Rogers back in the lineup.

“The guy is a workaholic, he’s a professional and above all else he’s talented. That guy can make plays on the football. He’s one of those guys that you can trust. If you get into a pinch, you can trust to put the ball up to him and he’s going to make a play.”

Back in ’15, the two formed a dynamic aerial attack that combined for 1,448 yards and 10 touchdowns, tops in the league.

Their success comes from a bond that’s based not just on football but also friendship.

“It’s built from putting the plays up there and him making them,” said Mitchell. “There’s not a lot of guys who can go up and make plays like that, but I’m lucky and blessed to have a couple guys on this team that can do that.”

“We talked during the off-season and during the past couple years even when I wasn’t here,” added Rogers. “It’s not like we talk only when I’m on the team, so we have a good relationship off of the field as well.”

Through the first five games of the 2018 season, Rogers and Mitchell have already connected for 314 yards and a league-leading four TD’s.

“The red zone is my zone. I like the red zone,” said Rogers. “I like touchdowns more than yardage, but as long as I’m able to contribute during the week and we are able to get the win, then I feel good about it.”

Mitchell is always on the lookout for one of his favourite targets when they get into scoring territory.

“Eric is very smart and he sees things really well,” said Mitchell. “Sometime the route isn’t drawn perfect or created perfectly, but he sees coverage and can adjust his route based off of coverage. As a quarterback, it’s freally easy to throw to because you can trust what he’s seeing. He’s able to see things down there and he’s a big target in the red zone, so it’s fun to throw to him.”