November 5, 2018


CALGARY, AB - OCTOBER 20, 2018: The Calgary Stampeders lost 29-24 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at McMahon Stadium on Saturday. (Photo by Angela Burger/Calgary Stampeders)

They’re back.

After a few challenging weeks, the Stampeders’ running game has once again found its stride.

Don Jackson, Terry Williams, and Nick Arbuckle rushed for 145 yards in the 26-9 West-Division clinching victory over the BC Lions – a night and day difference from the 59 put up in the Red & White’s 29-21 loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Oct. 26.

“There was as sense of urgency with the whole team heading into the game,” said Williams. “The offensive line did a great job, coaches did a great job with the scheme, and we were all confident that we could make it happen. The team trusts in our group and we always go in each week and try to put our best foot forward.”

And Williams definitely did, running for 44 yards after missing three game.

“I was dealing with a little injury,” Williams said. “And I was coming back and working in every week. It felt good getting in there trying to help get the win and try to put the game away.”

As for Jackson, he was the top performer of the night – rushing 91 yards on 11 carries, including a touchdown.

Jackson, like Williams, was quick to credit the Stamps’ big men up front.

“The offensive line played nasty, and they just gave us open gaps to run,” he explained. “When I got the touchdown it was because of them.

“The O line pushed the Lions’ D line five yards back, and there’s not much you can do on the other side of the ball when that happens. I was just able to stuff it in there.”

With the win, the Stamps’ clinched themselves a bye-week heading into playoffs.

After a little time off to rest and recover, they’ll be back at practice Thursday.

“Everybody’s excited,” Jackson said. “We’re trying to get our guys back, though, and have everybody get their body healthy; everybody has got to do the necessary stuff.

“But even on our days off, we’re going to watch film, sort of self-scout ourselves, and then move into the rest of this week.”

There’s no question the Stamps are eager to get back on the field.

“You know me,” said Williams. “I’m just ready to go in, and figure out who we’re playing. But regardless we’re going to come out and try to clean up some things, and work on some technique before we figure out who we’re playing.”

Adding to the anticipation for Williams is the home-field advantage they’ll enjoy when they host the West Final at McMahon Stadium on Nov. 18.

“Whoever we play, they have to come through us, and them,” Williams said of the hometown fans. “We’re excited since it’s at home, its feels good to play at home in front of the crowd and try and get this win.”