December 11, 2018


Ciante Evans during a game on June 29, 2017 (Photo by David Moll)

It’s amazing. It’s a phenomenal feeling being a Grey Cup champion.

You can’t take it away from me. I’m a champion, my name is on the Cup, I’ll go down in history.

It’s amazing. In college at Nebraska, I went to two championship games and I’ve been to two up here and I lost all of them. So this is my first one and it was a huge relief. It was such a blessing.

It felt good to get an interception in the big game. I just continued to believe in my teammates and trust in the call. It makes me feel like I was part of the game and I was able to contribute in the game.

It was a long season, we battled through a lot of ups and downs, trials and tribulations. At the end of the year, it wasn’t looking as good but we found a way to come together, found a way to play for a purpose and play for something that was bigger than us. We were able to re-focus and that helped us get to this Grey Cup.

Grey Cup week was fun, it was just cold. The festivities, the organization was great. They had a number of activities not only for the players, but for the families and other people besides those taking part in the event. It was great.

Now that the season is done, I’m back to work. You get off work to go back to work. I’ll start with working on my business – trying to get that off of the ground and running so when I’m done with football I can keep myself busy. Though I might go on vacation, get somewhere warm. It’s so cold everywhere up here in Canada. Maybe a beach in Miami, Cabo, something like that.