February 15, 2019


Most wait until they’re out of high school to purchase season tickets.

But not Ross Bucsis.

This life-long Stampeders fan first acquired his season seats even before he was a teenager.

“I got my season tickets when I was age 12 and I am 64 now, so I have been a season-ticket holder for 52 years. I initially sat in the ‘Junior Quarterback Section’, which cost $2.50 cents a year. I just loved the Stamps and the CFL game, so for a 12 year old it was magic going to watch the games – and it still is!”

His earliest memory as a fan was one of heartbreak but it didn’t diminish his love for the team.

“I became a fan at an early age, probably 5 or 6. But I first remember watching in 1962 when Gene Filipski fumbled the ball in the endzone and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers picked it up, scored, and went onto the Grey Cup. I cried.”

As Bucsis grew up, he relocated from his spot in the Junior Quarterback section.

He moved into Section E and he’s been there ever since – almost.

“We are in Section E, right behind the railing,” he said. “We have always loved those seats and having no one in front of us is an added bonus. We lost our seats when they changed the Stadium for the ‘88 Olympics, but we were patient and we got them back. They are great seats.

“We know everyone in our section. We are very blessed to have so many great people around us.”

Over the years, Bucsis has seen countless incredible moments and has built many fantastic relationships with those around him.

Of all the moments he’s witnessed, two Western Final games are what stick out the most.

“Firstly, the Larry Robinson 1970 blizzard game where he hit a field goal in Regina on the last play of game to go to the Grey Cup,” he recalled. “Secondly, the 1991 Danny Barrett to Pee Wee Smith 66-yard touchdown to win the game and go to the Grey Cup.”

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