March 18, 2019


When picking a favourite team, many things must be considered.

The players, the location, the jersey colours, and possibly even the team name.

“Many years ago, living on the east cost of Canada, I did not really know too much about football,” says long-time fan Jim Hennessy. “But in a place called Calgary they played this game called football and the best part of it was a team called the Stampeders. It was just a cool name for a 12-year-old kid to say he was a fan.”

The young football fan tuned in for the games across the country to watch his favourite team and his favourite players.

But he was mesmerized by the play of one man in particular.

“As a kid, I remember that there was this guy called Larry Robinson and he was incredible,” remembers Hennessy. “He could really kick a ball and I just thought that it was so cool. Plus he played on defence, as well.”

Years later as an adult, Hennessy moved across the country and landed in Calgary.

It didn’t take long for him to join the Stampeders season-ticket family, acquiring seats in 2013.

“I moved to this Calgary place and what other choice did I have but to buy season tickets for my wife and I?” Hennessy asked rhetorically.

The Hennessy’s picked Section T and have been there ever since.

It was a decision that was easy due to the sightlines and the folks around them.

“It is close to mid-field, so our view is just about perfect in any direction,” he says. “We also have lots of very vocal fans in our section, which adds to the fun.”

Hennessy has many great memories from his time as a season-ticket holder, but the thing he holds most dear is a special experience he received from the organization.

“The day I won a contest where I got to go onto the sidelines before a game was incredible,” Hennessy said. “I was able to meet many of the players and coaches that were milling around and it was very nice.”