April 29, 2019


The Stampeders have been a model of consistency over the past decade and a big reason for that has been because of the Canadian talent on the roster. Since taking over as the General Manager in 2016, John Hufnagel and his staff have continued the team’s success of finding quality players in the CFL Draft.

Let’s take a look back and see just how well the Red & White have drafted over the past five seasons.


1.8 Ryan Sceviour, OL
2.17 Eric Mezzalira, LB
3.25 Royce Metchie, DB
4.28 David Brown, OL
5.39 Justin Lawrence, OL
5.42 William (Dagogo) Maxwell, DB
6.50 Atlee Simon, RB
7.59 Gabriel Ferraro, K
8.68 Boston Rowe, LB

Just one year removed from the draft, this group has already paid dividends for the Stamps. While first rounder Ryan Sceviour only appeared in a single game during the 2018 season, linebacker Eric Mezzalira suited up for fourteen games in the Red & White while contributing on the special teams units. Defensive back Royce Metchie played in seven contests – missing possible playing time due to injury – and offensive lineman Justin Lawrence got into six games last season. Mezzalira was the only rookie to appear in the Grey Cup, where he made a special teams tackle in the win. After rehabbing his knee, David Brown returned to the University of Western Ontario where he help the Mustangs win their second-straight Yates Cup. William Maxwell, Atlee Simon, and Gabriel Ferraro also returned to their universities for 2018.


1.6 Randy Colling, DL
2.17 Julan Lynch, WR
3.25 Tunde Adeleke, DB
4.28 Ante Milanovic-Litre, RB
5.43 Felix Gacusana, OL
6.52 Alexandre Gagnon, DL
7.61 Adam Laurensse, DB
8.70 Richard Sindani, WR

Although first round draft pick Randy Colling is no longer with the team, the draft is far from a bust. Julan Lynch, Tunde Adeleke, Ante Milanovic-Litre and Richard Sindani all played a part in this season’s run to the Grey Cup. All four made some sort of contribution over the past two seasons on offence, defence, or on special teams. While Adeleke has moved on via free agency, their second, fourth, and eighth round picks remain on the roster heading into 2019.


1.6 Alex Singleton, LB
2.15 Juwan Brescacin, WR
4.33 Roman Grozman, OL
5.38 Jean-Philippe Bolduc, DB
5.42 Pierre-Luc Caron, LB
6.51 Michael Kashak, DL
8.68 Quinn Horton, OL

Another strong draft class for Calgary was headlined the CFL’s 2017 Most Oustanding Defensive Player of the Year and two-time All-Star Alex Singleton. The talented linebacker was a leader on defence, helping the team earn three straight trips to the Grey Cup and eventually winning in 2018. Second-rounder Juwan Brescacin has become a well-known talent across the CFL, breaking out in 2018 with 567 yards on 35 receptions (including the catch of the year) and three touchdowns. Pierre-Luc Caron and Michael Kashak are the only other draft picks who had staying power, with the former becoming the team’s starting long-snapper.


1.9 Karl Lavoie, OL
2.18 Lemar Durant, WR
3.19 Tyler Varga, RB
3.22 Tevaughn Campbell, DB
3.27 William Langlais, FB
5.44 Dexter Janke, DB
6.53 Aaron Picton, OL
7.62 Andrew Buckley, QB

Plagued by knee injuries, Karl Lavoie suited up for just two games before calling it quits and officially retiring from the CFL. Lemar Durant also battle injuries throughout his career, but still managed to blossom into one of the league’s top Canadian receivers, compiling 1,280 yards and eight touchdowns in four years. Tyler Varga never made his way to Calgary after making the Indianapolis Colts’ roster in 2015. A concussion in a game against the Buffalo Bills ended his football career. Tevaugh Campbell, Dexter Janke, and Andrew Buckley all spent some time with the Red & White and made plays when called upon. William Langlais is the last man standing from this draft class and is the team’s starting fullback.


1.1 Pierre Lavertu, OL
1.7 Quinn Smith, DL
2.16 Max Caron, LB
3.19 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OL
3.24 Adam Thibault, DB
3.25 Joe Circelli, OL
4.34 Derek Wiggan, DL
5.40 Tyler Crapigna, K/P
7.61 Brian Marshall, REC

After three seasons in Calgary that were hampered by injuries, Lavertu decided to retire from professional football.  Quinn Smith played four years with the club, missing most of the 2017 and 2018 seasons with injuries. Max Caron battled injuries throughout his short career, appearing in only two games before hanging up his cleats. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif never repped the Red& White as he found success south of the border, catching on with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. Of the remaining selections, Adam Thibault and Derek and the only remaining players. Thibault has become a reliable defensive back who makes his money on special teams, while Derek Wiggan has become a valuable starter at defensive tackle where he has recorded 54 tackles and eight sacks in his four seasons.