May 19, 2019


Today was exciting. The first practice felt great and it was great to be able to show everything we’ve been working on all off-season. All of the guys have been working hard trying to get better and now we get to start putting it together on the field. You could see the work that everybody put in. It was fun, just the camaraderie having the locker room back together. It was cool, super exciting day.

My off-season couldn’t have been better. Just from a training perspective, I was able to take care of everything that I wanted to. I probably had the best training off-season in my entire career because it was finally all football.

From a personal standpoint, it was great. My wife and I got married and then shortly after we got baptized. We started our own business together, so there was a lot of great things that have happened in the last five months. We’re training kids, athletes from highschool down to youth athletes. We teach a combination of speed and agility to quarterback stuff. It kept me involved with football and kept me busy all off-season.

Receiving our Grey Cup rings the other night was amazing. None of us knew what the ring was going to look like, but I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations. I couldn’t take that off all night. It was really cool.

But it’s the second best ring I have!

Honestly, from Grey Cup until now, it’s been a beautiful off-season, but I’m excited to get back into it.