July 2, 2019

Quotables – 07.02.19

Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson, quarterback Nick Arbuckle, and receiver Richie Sindani addressed the media after today’s practice.

Here’s what they had to say:

Dickenson on other injuries:

“Well you said laundry list, we’ve got a lot of guys banged up. I always found that when I played, if you could keep the injury bug away early, it certainly did a lot for your team. What it does is give a lot of opportunities for guys. We pride ourselves on being a team, but there was a lot of different people out there practicing today. Huge challenge going on the road, they got a big win, we need our best lineup. So hopefully we’ll have more guys going tomorrow.”

Dickenson on the trade with Winnipeg:

“We were beat up inside and we feel like; I wanted a guy who has been playing football. I know he’s a rookie but I wanted a guy that’s been in a camp, who’s been practicing and is ready to go. There’s a chance Patrick is on this week. We wanted to find good football players and I wanted to get a guy who has been playing and practicing. We feel fortunate that Winnipeg would make the deal.”

Dickenson on Arbuckle in practice:

“It’s funny, my expectations are really high. I want us to be better, I want the whole process to be better. If you can’t function with zero noise, it’s going to be difficult with tons of noise. We know it’s a difficult place to play, but he did perform in a high pressure situation last week. I have faith he’ll do it again, but I’ll always keep pushing him.”

Arbuckle on having time to prepare:

“It’ll be good to actually have a full week of you know, not just having the mental preparation, but the physical preparation as well of taking more than a few reps throughout the week. I’ve always been locked in taking my mental reps, but there’s a difference in your preparation when you actually get to run through everything.”

Arbuckle on his readiness:

“I’ll feel more ready than I did this past week because I’ll have three days of practice with the ones and with all the plays before the game. I’ve always felt prepared for every game if I ever got my name called for whatever reason. I hope to keep it going this week.”

Sindani on using last years’ experience:

“I’ve been saying this all training camp, the standard never changes, it’s always the same approach. It doesn’t matter who’s in the game. Whatever the other guy was doing, you’re expected to do that or better. I like that mentality and I think that’s why we do so well.”

Sindani on Arbuckle:

“Nick has a lot of his plate, to be quite honest with you, but he’s a guy that can handle it. But I think that we as receivers can make his job a little easier if we know what we’re doing in the huddle, on the plays, we can run our hots and help him out there.”