July 8, 2019


It felt good to get my first career interception this weekend. I just stayed calm and kept playing within the defence. I knew it would come for me eventually.

I’m trying to get one interception a game. If other teams are going to keep testing me, then that football is going to be in my hands a lot.

Tre Roberson’s got a good head start… I’m going to have to pick my knees up if I want to catch him.

It’s always difficult losing a guy like Brandon Smith, but at the same time we’re all ball players here, so we just picked it up. It’s next man up and that’s what we did. Having been moved pretty quickly into the starting line-up wasn’t that hard, being thrown into the fire is what football is about. I was prepared for it.

The CFL is really different, as far as the rules, the way the game is played with the extra player – that’s what really makes it different. What makes it similar is the preparation; being ready and understanding what the offence is going to do. My work ethic from the NFL, I brought it here. I still have my great study habits and I’m always working on my craft and my technique.

I loved the atmosphere on the road in Regina. Those fans were really good and I appreciate them putting their all into it because we put our all into it. It felt good hearing them be quiet all game. When we showed up, it was packed, but by the third quarter, it was about half empty.

I’m about to build on this performance, it’s going to start rolling in now.