July 23, 2019

Get To Know: Dashaun Amos

CALGARY, AB - MAY 23, 2019: Calgary Stampeder studio photo shoot. (Photo by Candice Ward/Calgary Stampeders)

It’s a new year and it’s time to get to know the members of the 2019 Stampeders team!

Next up: DaShaun Amos

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 193-lbs

Birthdate: 09/20/1994

Born: Midlothian, VA

School: East Carolina

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in the fourth grade, in 2004.It just came about because I always played outside, I had three siblings I grew up with so we always played in the backyard, so my mom was like ‘why not join an organization?’

What is your favourite thing about the game of football?

Being able to travel and see the world, obviously now I’m in Canada playing football so it brought me here, so travelling and just teaching me about life.

What is your favourite drill and why?

Filling in as a scout team receiver because I get to re-live my High School days.

Who has been you biggest football mentor?

My college head coach, Ruffin McNeil, because he was a coach but he also was a father figure as well. He saw things in me I didn’t see in myself and got me started on the professional path. A lot of what I do now I relate back to what he instilled in me.

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a football field?

Going back and watching film and the reactions to certain plays, for example in college there was a ball thrown and my safety had a wide open pick and he dropped it, and just the reaction of the defence – people had their hands on their heads, some people were falling on the ground. Everybody was expressing their emotion but to see it all happen at once was funny.

If you could have been there for one event in history, what would it be?

I would like to be able to be a fly on the wall when I was born. Things like that you don’t have the memories of when you grow older. Just parts of my childhood that my mom, my uncles, my dad they got to see, that’s a part of my life that I don’t remember.

If you could have lunch with any three people – dead or alive – who would you pick?

One would be my cousin Ty, because we came up together played high school together. I went to East Carolina and he was going to go to North Carolina Western, but unfortunately he got gunned down before he got to go to college.

My mom, always, she raised me.

And I’d like to have lunch with Martin Luther King Jr., just to pick his brain. I want see exactly what he meant by things he said, because we take it out of a history book but never heard it directly from him.

If you won $10 million, what would be your first purchase?

I would pay off my mom’s house.