August 5, 2019


Saturday’s win against Edmonton was huge. We knew going into the first Battle of Alberta that it was going to be a big game for us. We really wanted that win and we managed to get it. It’s a big check on our season long checklist.

Our success on the defensive line was simply because we rushed together, that’s it. That’s how we put in such a good performance as a unit. We knew the game plan and we had a good week of practice. We worked together, rushed together and when you do that, you get the results you’re looking for.

Situations like that – the game coming down to the final play – are the types of situations that any defence who wants to call themselves elite wants to be in. You want the game on your backs and you want to stand tall when it matters. We did that and we held onto the win for our team.

It’s a whole team effort to stop CJ Gable. Everyone executed, everyone covered their gaps, everyone tackled really well, so it was a whole team effort – the lineman, the linebackers, and the defensive backs.

The standard in our room doesn’t change. It doesn’t matter who is on the field, it doesn’t change. No matter the year, the standard doesn’t change. To be out there and execute, keep the score low, and get the win – that’s the standard. It doesn’t matter who you’ve got as a defensive coordinator or on the field, you’re expected to meet that standard.

It’s huge when the fans are going crazy like they were against Edmonton. They helped force the Eskimos into some false starts, so we love when our fans come out and make a lot of noise for us. We really appreciate their support.

Our work isn’t done. We’ve worked all year. We’ve worked all training camp and we’ve worked all year so far. It’s far from over; this is only game seven, so there’s a lot of football left.

Now we’re just ready for Winnipeg. You just love to play against those really good teams.