August 9, 2019

Calgary Minor Football: Ryan Sceviour

The Calgary Stampeders have long been involved in minor football in the city. From management, to staff, to players, everyone is doing their part to grow the game from the grassroots level.

We talked with one of the local players, offensive lineman Ryan Sceviour, about his experiences with minor football.

What minor football program were you a part of growing up?

I started when I was ten for the Calgary Cowboys. I played all the way from Pee Wee to Midget.

What programs are you involved in now?

I help out with a few programs, the Cowboys will ask me to help out sometimes and there are a bunch of camps around the city I help out with – Aim High is one I help out with a lot. Whenever they ask I’m excited to give back, it’s something that helped me grow as a person so I’m happy to give back when I can.

What life skills did you build through minor football?

The obvious one would be teamwork, in football it’s a big team unit, you’re all working together so you have to learn to work with other people. But also how to learn and grow and take criticism is the most important thing I took from minor football. You learn to understand there’s good criticism , people aren’t out to get you they’re there to help you – that’s a big thing I took from minor football that really helped me grow in my life.

What is your favourite memory from minor football?

There were tons, but just playing with all of my friends. Every day I could look forward to football and going out and having fun with my friends.

Why would you recommend playing minor football?

It’s great physical activity, you make tons of friends, you learn how to grow up, be a person, learn teamwork, take criticism, and learn how to grow.

Were you involved in any philanthropy through minor football?

Yes, and it was good to give back to the community and learn how to do that. You learn at a young age to give back to others that don’t have it, and that volunteering and helping out wherever you can is important. I remember we would sell 50/50 at the Stamps games here, and one year we got to do the Grey Cup, it was the Riders vs. Montreal – that’s something I won’t forget.

How did minor football prepare you for a future in the sport?

Calgary seems to be a hotbed for football, it’s a great place to learn. They made it easy; every organization I have been in has treated you like a professional. The transition from minor, to high school, to college to pro it was really seamless. We have great football programs and great people backing it in Calgary.

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The Stampeders Foundation is fully committed to the support of amateur and grassroots football in Calgary and Southern Alberta communities, and is proud to partner with the Calgary Bantam Football Association to promote minor football and increase participation in the sport.

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