September 4, 2019

Player Blog: Dashaun Amos

The Labour Day Classic was everything that I thought it was going to be.

Excitement throughout the whole game, from the countdown, to the flyovers and until the clock hit triple zero. It was exciting; guys came out and made plays, we were explosive. I feel like we took strides in that game, it was our most complete game all year, if you ask me.

The first one came over and it was what I expected, but the second pass over was a little lower than expected and it was really loud, so it caught me off guard, but woke me up and I was ready to play.

I feel like it’s like a boxing match. You take that first swing and you connect, you feel like the bully of the game, you can take control of it. It’s important to get that first one and you can ride that momentum for a while at the start of the game.

I need to see some more views of that first knockdown, because it touched my hands and that’s a rule we have. If it touches your hands, you have to grab it. On the third down play near the end of the game, we had some time to talk about what we wanted to do and they gave us what we thought, but then he took it back inside and it caught me off guard. I just trusted my training and I made the play I needed to make it.

The crowd at McMahon Stadium was huge. I think it should be sold out like that for every game from here on out. It helps us so much with momentum, it rattles the opposition offence for us, and knowing they’re behind us is great support.

My first Labour Day was a success, it’ll be one to put down in the books.

This weekend’s Labour Day Rematch is exciting because it’s the same opponent. If it was another team, you’d be hustling to get into the film and turn around, but seeing as though we’re playing the same team, they can’t be that different. We’re still going to fix our mistakes but we’ll go into Saturday with the same mentality as this past week and try to be even better.

We’ll be trying to sweep the season series. Get your brooms ready.