September 11, 2019

Quotables – 09.11.19

Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson, Special Teams Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach Mark Kilam, running back Ka’Deem Carey, and defensive back Courtney Stephen addressed the media after today’s practice.

Dave Dickenson on Dane Evans:

“Dane is moving around and doing some of the same things. He’s growing into his own person and his own quarterback. They’re gelling a little bit, to me they’re playing pretty good right now, so our defence will have their hands full.”

Dickenson on Jamar Wall’s baby:

“He’s out there, but he had a baby. Basically what happened was that there was some complications and he had to take care of things with his lady at the hospital. He missed another day and we’ll live with that, but we’re hoping he’s back out there tomorrow.”

Dickenson on expectations:

“Expectations have never been different, but now it’s time to add a little gas. Make sure you’re getting better and that the next game you feel like you’re a better team than you were in the previous game. You can see there’s still seven games, but most people know where we’re at and how close we are to getting an opportunity. We want to make the playoffs first, then we want to win the west, and after that you’re hopeful to get another chance at the Grey Cup.”

Mark Kilam on the fake punt:

“It was nice. We work on things all the time and we don’t just call them to call them; if we get certain looks or teams are playing us a certain way we’ll call it. We talked about that play going into the game and the biggest thing is that you’ve got to execute it when it’s called and they did a nice job.”

Kilam on some momentum:

“I feel like every week is its own entity, it really is. Momentum is real, but playing good football is more of a thing, trying to do that week in and week out. We get into each game and certain things happen, but it’s going to be a good one this weekend.”

Ka’Deem Carey on preparing for Hamilton:

“We’re working hard right now up front. We’re making some good adjustments to pick up that front line because they are physical and fast. So we’re preparing hard and I think that will be the key. We had a good day of practice the first couple of days and we’ll attack them hard.”

Carey on the crowd:

“It helps a lot. I love playing here and especially from that last home game we had, if we bring out that crowd with the same energy, the sky is the limit.”

Courtney Stephen on the Stamps clicking:

“At this point of the year you really start to get familiar with what you’re trying to execute on the field and also who you’re playing with. We’re starting to gel, guys are all the way bought in and I think we’re starting to see the benefits of that.”

Stephen on the rematch with Hamilton:

“I think the first time they got the best of us, obviously they got the win so we’re looking to bounce back and make it even with them. They’re a good team at 9-2 – the best record in the league – so it’s a good measuring stick for us to really come out and show ourselves that we are who we think we are.”