October 9, 2019

Quotables: “this Feels Like A Must-win”

Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson, linebacker Wynton McManis, and receiver Eric Rogers addressed the media after today’s practice.

Dave Dickenson on the new Jane Mawby Award:

“I think it’s a really cool award. From what I understand it’s for someone who’s making the CFL a better league and a better place to work. Kind of behind the scenes. A lot of people didn’t know Jane, but she was so important to our organization and we miss her a tonne. Whoever wins that award, I hope they realize that she was a great lady.”

Dickenson on linebacker Marcus Ball:

“He’s definitely upping his game. He’s a veteran and he can play, but it’s a matter of condition and whether he knows our stuff well enough. Certainly, I’d expect him to play soon. This week is right on the edge, I want to watch the tape and check it out. He’s getting in there more; we run a pretty complex system, there’s a lot of communication. It’s not about skill and talent, it’s the little other things.”

Dickenson on the emergence of Josh Huff and Hergy Mayala:

“It was good because a lot of times we throw in between the hashes, in between the numbers. We needed that speed and those big plays on the outside and last week we found them. We didn’t win, but both of those guys played well. If teams are going to load up and take care of the inside guys with one-on-one matchups on the outsides, we want to feel like we can win and be explosive.”

Wynton McManis on repeating their performance from July 6th:

“Just come out and bring that same intensity and effort that we brought last time or last game or each game that we take the field. We pride ourselves on being physical, on being a vocal group and flying around and making plays. We’re going to continue that this week.”

McManis on if this is a must-win situation:

“This feels like a must-win, this is October. You have to win in October, that’s when games start to mean the most. This a game in our conference, so we really want this win.”

Eric Rogers on the team’s confidence:

“We’ve beaten them before, so we’ll go out here and do the same thing. They’ve got pretty much the same team. We took care of their quarterback pretty well last game as well. We took what they gave us on defence and then hit them over the top a couple of times. We’ll do the same and hopefully come out with another convincing win.”

Rogers on the crowd:

“Definitely need to show up and wear your red. I know there will be a lot of green in the stands but try to get that noise on our side when we’re on defence to make it tough on them. It should be a great atmosphere and it’ll be a nice day, as well.”