December 12, 2019

Delmonaco Ready For More Responsibility

The progression, says the man relinquishing a familiar post, is entirely logical; a part of the natural order of things.

“There’s just a lot going on in the CFL right now and it’s a challenge to keep good people,’’ acknowledged Calgary Stampeders’ head coach Dave Dickenson, in formally announcing that Pat DelMonaco has added offensive co-ordinator to his business cards to go along with O-line coach.

“That’s why I was so excited to keep Pat.

“It’s about keeping all the good puzzle pieces, keeping the people you trust, respected around the league, part of the organization, part of your team.

“I wanted to keep Pat on the staff and he’s also a guy people were looking at.

“And that’s why this is so important.”

DelMonaco is naturally pumped about his expanded role.

“I’m sure everyone’s talked to (Dickenson) about how they envision themselves in this business, how they want to progress and grow,’’ said DelMonaco.

“So this is something I had envisioned. Just one of those things you slowly earn: If you earn their trust and earn that right to gain responsibility and you have an opportunity to take it, you’re going to get that shot.

“I’m first very excited to be a part of this organization going forward. To have this responsibility within this organization is huge.

“The ability to continue to learn from (Dickenson), on top of that to have Huff doing the player personnel part of it with us is just an awesome opportunity.

“You can’t ask for a better chance to get into this kind of role, with that kind of support.”

DelMonaco joined the Stamps from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2014 and has spent the past half-dozen seasons in charge of the offensive front.

“I feel like he’s been doing a great job,’’ lauded Dickenson. “No one’s going to out-work Pat. I love what he does. He’s been co-ordinating the short-yardage and run game, as well.

“I wanted to make sure Pat DelMonaco stayed and the best way to do that is give him more responsibility.

“And its get us a little change. Some new ideas, keep some structure. Gives a little bit of the hierarchy on the back end of the coaching staff and he’s the guy I wanted to do it.”

DelMonaco has served as an offensive co-ordinator before, in NCAA Division III at RPI, for six seasons.

“You’re always aspiring to look beyond just your little realm, to see how far you can learn and how much you can handle,’’ said DelMonaco.

In other Stampeder coaching news: Dickenson confirmed that quarterbacks coach Ryan Dinwiddie is leaving the Red and White, while special-team co-ordinator Mark Kilam stays put.

“(The change) is not really affecting me because I believe Pat’s earned it,’’ said Dickenson, who’s shoulders the dual HC/OC role since inheriting the top-dog job from John Hufnagel four seasons ago.

“It’s justified. You’re not giving away things just to make people happy. I feel like you need a little bit of change in your staff, as well. Sometimes you need a little bit of a different vision.

“We just want to be better. All of us are confident but the egos aren’t there. We’re just trying to work forward as a group.”

DelMonaco’s promotion doesn’t mean that the boss man is entirely out of the scheming end of things, however.

“We’ll probably end up doing it the same,’’ confessed Dickenson. “We work together. It’s more the install schedule and how we’re going to prioritize plays.

“We’re all on the same page. I’ll probably keep the head phones on. Pat’s got a lot on his plate already. He has five offensive linemen he’s got to coach on every play. When we come off on the sideline he’s got to make sure he can adjust, whereas the play-caller is thinking forward to the next series.

“He’s one of the few O-line coaches that has the awareness, the understanding, of all three phases of the game – the play-action screen game and the run game, as well as the pass game.

“It’ll be a collaborative effort, for sure.”