November 18, 2020

Bo Levi Mitchell talks on United By Community Day!

As part of the United By Community Day Radiothon, Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell joined Rob Kerr to talk about the 2018 Grey Cup Time Machine (where he re-watched the game with his teammates and coaches), the Bo Show, and lots, lots more!

Check out his full interview and all three parts of his fan Q&A below:

After his interview with Rob Kerr, Bo fielded questions that had been submitted by fans. This Q&A has been broken up into three parts:

“The only superstitious part for me is the food. And it’s not really a superstitious thing, but I don’t want to eat something different and have it not sit right.”

“When I went down and trained with Jeff Garcia down in California, the thing that blew my mind and impressed me the most was that he did every throw and every drill with us.”

“I’m not a big nacho fan. I have too many problems with how they’re made…there’s always that selfish nacho eater that grabs all the toppings and puts it on one chip.”