November 21, 2020

Q&a With Dickenson And Ward

Stamps head coach Dave Dickenson and Flames bench boss Geoff Ward sat down for some stories, laughs and a Q&A as part of United By Community Day:

“I’ve been watching a lot. I play fantasy football probably like a lot of other people and, listen, we need it. I’m so happy they are playing.”

“Well, the first one is special but since I really didn’t play in ’98, to me – to be honest – 2018, which is bad to say because you’d think as a player you’d have a bit more invested in it but after taking those hellacious losses in 2016 and 2017, I had to have it in 2018. I was so desperate for the guys.”

“You need to play for more than yourself … I just can’t have a selfish guy out there, a guy that I don’t think is it in for the right reasons.”