November 22, 2021

Hakunavanhu: ‘Focus On One Game At A Time’

What a great way to end the season!

For me, it was my first home game of the year and I have no complaints at all. It was an ugly game at times but I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Not only was it my first home game, but my first CFL touchdown as well. When I heard the play call, I just focused on trying to get open and after that get into the end zone. I stumbled in Hamilton at the 1 yard line the last time I had a shot so I fought a little bit to get in there this time.

That was my mindset coming in so glad I could execute.

Thank God for the heaters on the sideline! I would have been freezing my butt off if they weren’t running, they saved me for sure.

Off the top of my mind, that was the coldest weather I’ve ever played in. It was definitely something new for me in terms of trying to keep warm, especially my toes. Everything else was pretty much ok but I need my toes for route running and they were cold.

It’s definitely something to get used to especially going into these playoffs. It’s part of the game, welcome to the CFL, right?

Playoffs start next week and the team is feeling good. We just have to clean up the mistakes we saw from this last game. If we focus on us and the small details, we can do what we have to to make sure we come out with a win.

If we focus on one game at a time, we’ll let the rest take care of itself.