March 15, 2022

Trojan Lore

First he was a Trojan , and now he wears the Horse.

And maybe, someday, he won’t be the only one who can make that claim.

Stampeders offensive lineman Ryan Sceviour, a 2013 Bowness High School graduate, is the lone Trojans alumni to ever suit up for the Stamps. But with the soon-to-be re-launch of Bowness’ football program, a new generation will get the chance to follow in his footsteps.

Following Sceviour’s final season in 2012, Bowness was no longer able to assemble a team of their own and joined forces with the Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs for the past eight seasons.

However, thanks in part to a $10,000 donation from the Stampeders Foundation to cover all uniform costs, the Green-and-White-clad Trojans are set for a full-fledged return to their roots this upcoming fall.

“It’s pretty cool to have it back,” stated Sceviour, who continued on from Bowness to the University of Calgary where he played five years for the Dinos. “I think of all the good times and friends I made on that team. I’m just happy that other people are going to be able to have that same experience that I did.”’

Bowness will kick off their schedule in September with student-athletes competing at the Division II senior level. The group will be led by Corey Allison, who is planning for the addition of a junior squad at some point down the road. Joining Allison’s staff in 2022 will be Daun Daum, the Trojans’ former head coach from 1979-2003.

When his schedule allows, the starting right guard for the Red and White plans to help out his alma mater on the practice field and provide mentorship to those who will soon be carrying on the Trojan tradition.

“I think my fondest memories from playing there are just spending time with the guys and building a bond together,” reflected Sceviour, a Tuscany resident during his days with the Trojans. “Supporting minor football is super important, and I’m especially excited to give back directly to where I came from.”

With his amateur football experience now coming full-circle in many ways, the two-time collegiate all-Canadian wishes he could have the opportunity to learn from a local products who had already paved the way to the professional ranks.

“It would have been really awesome to have had someone like that when I was coming up,” offered a humble Sceviour, the Stampeders’ first-round selection in the 2018 CFL draft. “Having someone who took the same path that I wanted to take and serve as a mentor to me would have been a dream-come-true.”

In the 75 storied seasons of Stampeder football, 85 players from 22 Calgary high schools have gone on to reach the ultimate level of football in this city. Along with Sceviour, the list includes three Canadian Football Hall-of-Famers, two jersey retirees and fellow present-day hometown favourites Colton Hunchak and Sean McEwen.

“Obviously it’s every kid’s goal and I’m just happy it worked out this way when the Stamps drafted me,” explained Sceviour, when asked about having always played so close to home. “Everyone growing up in Calgary who plays football wants it to unfold like this. It’s been a storybook journey.”