May 19, 2022

Let The Good Times Roll

It doesn’t last forever.

Maybe its impermanence is what makes it so special.

For Louisiana native Chase Fourcade, hanging up the cleats is not an option just yet.

The highly decorated Nicholls State QB is in a battle for the third-string position on this 2022 Stamps squad. Although he’s only 24 years-old he holds the record for all-time leader in passing yards (10,707), passing touchdowns (70), completion percentage (59.6), total yards (12,604) and rushing touchdowns (35) at Nicholls State.

The list doesn’t end there.

Fourcade also won two Division 1 state championships in his three years as starting quarterback at Archbishop Rummel High School , finishing with a 46-6 record.

Where does that success come from for such a talented athlete?

“I think it starts with – most importantly- the coaches and most definitely the players that I’ve been surrounded with, all the way from Rummel, to Nicholls and even Calgary,” explained Fourcade. “If you have good teammates around you that are on the same mission and have the same mentality as you it goes a long way.

“I was blessed with a great coach in high school, Coach Jay Roth, to a great coach, Coach (Tim) Rebowe, in college and I think they instilled in us the mentality of what winning is all about. What that is, is hard work, dedication, and being great in your craft in each position and that goes a long way.”

Fourcade grew up surrounded by football. His father Keith played linebacker for the University of Mississippi and went on to play for the New Orleans Saints in 1987. His Uncle John had a couple stints in the CFL with the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers from 1983-1984 respectively, before going on to play quarterback for the New Orleans Saints from 1987-1990.

Fourcade’s family didn’t force the game onto him; rather, they helped foster his love for it.

“It’s more the love I have for the game.

“Myself, I can say I’m going to go play basketball for a living, I didn’t have to play football but that’s what I wanted to do and what I love to do – is play the game of football.”

The support of his family has motivated him to keep following his dreams.

“Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said Fourcade. “They instilled in me hard work, how to chase a dream, and how to keep it going.”

“You’re going to have bumps in the road but it’s all about how you overcome that and I think that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I’ve been born.”

Despite growing up just a mere 15 minutes away from New Orleans, Fourcade is no stranger to the CFL.

“I’ve got a couple guys, a couple receivers that I know. One receiver I threw to in high school, Steven Dunbar, he’s on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I got another receiver I threw to in high school and college, Damion Jeanpiere, he’s on the Toronto Argonauts.

“So in their off-season I’d go throw to them and help them out on the offence. It’s been good.”

In addition to throwing with some former teammates, Fourcade has adjusted himself to the Canadian game under the guidance of Bo Levi Mitchell and Jake Maier.

“For myself, day by day it’s been fast-paced. My head is spinning at times but I got good support and great coaches in here and a great quarterback with Bo. It (helps) slow it down.

“Even Jake, they know the game. They’ve been through that experience. Bo won two grey cups, even Coach Dave (Dickenson), they know what it’s all about. They know what winning is all about. This organization knows what winning is all about.

“And, you got a great offensive coordinator with Coach Pat and great quarterback coach with Coach Marc (Mueller). They know what they’re doing. I have trust in them to give me the right information for me to be successful and it’s been great so far. It’s been great.

“It’s football at the end of the day.

“The only big difference is it’s 12 versus 12, you’ve got three downs, but other than that, it’s football and that’s what I love to do. I love throwing, I love spinning around the field, and we’re just going to continue to get better each and every day.”

It’s no secret the Canadian game of football is referred to as a passing league. Although Fourcade has great legs under pressure, he’s not worried about balancing out his mobility with throwing bombs down field from the pocket.

“You’ve got to trust your reads, trust the play that’s called and go through your reads on what needs to be done. If you gotta run, you gotta run, but I think most importantly for me now, being the age I am and with the experiences I have, I have to know when to run and know when to stay in the pocket and throw it down field.

“I think that’s the biggest thing with Canada, you have like five or six receivers going off on routes and they can make plays. They’re playmakers. I just need to put the ball in their hands for them to make plays.”

There’s a common saying in New Orleans: Laissez les bons temps rouler.

The translation? Let the good times roll.

Aside from the pressures of securing the third-string spot on the roster, Fourcade is reminding himself to enjoy the moment.

“You’ve got to run with it, you’ve got to let the good times roll. Like this right here, me being in Calgary, me being in Canada, it’s my first time ever in Canada and it’s been great so far.

“I’ve been blessed with this opportunity to go out on the field and do what I love to do and I’m going to let the good times roll with that and see where it lies.”