June 15, 2024

Barnes Positive Outlook A Big Help On His Road To Recovery

What a start Clark Barnes had to the season following a long road to recovery.

The Stamps wide receiver suffered an early end to the 2023 campaign after sustaining a major knee injury in August.

Returning to the field after nearly a year of recovery has been no easy feat, but his performance was nothing short of stellar in the team’s season-opener June 7 at McMahon Stadium.

He caught six passes for 61 yards and a touchdown in the Stamps 32-24 victory over the visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“It was a tough recovery, I never had a major injury before,” he said. “It is great to come back from it on top for sure.”

His recipe for success? Keeping true to himself, along with building important bonds with quarterback Jake Maier in the off-season.

“It does feel a lot more comfortable coming out here year two with Jake and it’s just time honestly,” he explained. “We talked a lot, we made it a big thing to get together in the off-season.”

Maier gave credit to Barnes – and fellow receiver Jaden Philpot – who both battled back from injuries and will hit the field again tonight in B.C. when the Stamps face the Lions.

“They got let off the leash, you know, they’ve been rehabbing and doing everything to get back to 100%,” said Maier. “What a beautiful thing just to see those guys live out their dream and thrive … They’re the leaders of that Canadian clubhouse and they’re doing great.”

Barnes’ incredible outlook on life played a major factor in his return to game action, the mental side of the game being just as important as the physical.

“It’s just you being you in a positive way, trying to find positivity wherever you’re at,” he explained.

For him, it’s all about embracing who you are, maintaining a positive outlook, and finding joy in your circumstances.

“Don’t try to conform, don’t look no type of way to anybody, just be yourself … it’s okay to be yourself,” he said.

With the 2024 season ramping up, you gotta love the eagerness and fire that these guys are carrying with them.