April 8, 2017

Red and White relaunch Stamp of a Champ

After a successful introduction in 2016, the Red and White began the second year of an influential and educational community program on Friday morning.

Stamps alumnus Jabari Arthur, who spent seven years as a receiver in Calgary, was at Senator Patrick Burns School to give the first of 10 presentations by three Stampeders spokesmen.

The TELUS Stamp of a Champ program covers topics including Internet and smartphone education, maintaining a clean digital footprint and preserving a positive online reputation.

With the Grade 7 students, Arthur discussed six scenarios related to everyday online issues for youth such as privacy settings, distracted driving and stolen identities.

Prizes were presented to those who provided feedback and suggestions on how to prevent and respond to these all-too-common concerns. Once the hour-long session concluded, Arthur fielded questions on a variety of topics related to both the presentation material and his successful football career.

Primarily intended for elementary and junior high school audiences, running back Rob Cote and quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell will also be presenting on the subject at various schools throughout Calgary during the month of April.

An appearance by Mitchell at St. Bonaventure School on Monday morning will mark the second TELUS Stamp of a Champ visit on the 2017 schedule.