The Stampeders Ambassadors are group of local business men and women who have joined forces with the football club.

These business people are hard-working and dedicated folks who graciously assist and support the football team in the community and work with local business partners throughout the city.

Members of the Stampeders Ambassadors include:

  • Lee Athias
  • Cassandra Calder
  • Brian deHaan
  • Jerry Drew
  • Eddy Edwards
  • Shawna Ellis
  • Dan Forigo
  • Brianna Guenther
  • Brent Hertlein
  • Derek Nash
  • Greg Stahl
  • Tammy Truman
  • Paul Valentine

The Mission and Core Purpose Of The Stampeders Ambassadors

1. To foster and develop links with the public and business community to generate a broad base for financial and public support for the Calgary Stampeders Football Club and the Stampeders Foundation.
2. To promote and encourage a continuing interest in the Calgary Stampeders Football Club and in the game of football in general.
3. To serve as an independent organization acting as a goodwill extension of the Calgary Stampeders Football Club.

Requirements to be a Stampeders Ambassador

1. Actively support the Mission and Core Purpose statement by providing volunteer time to assist in achieving those aims.
2. Must be a season ticket holder / controller / regular attendee of Stampeders home games.
3. Must be actively involved in the promotion of ticket sales and in some other of the activities of the Stampeders Ambassadors such as, but not limited to:

• Pass on qualified sales leads to the Calgary Stampeders sales staff.
• Make actual service and / or sales calls on behalf of the Calgary Stampeders, when assistance is required.
• Support and or organize group sales presentations on behalf of the Calgary Stampeders, when help is required.
• Help organize, promote, and support designated community programs sanctioned by the Calgary Stampeders.
• Meet and greet fans, suite holders, and season ticket holders, at designated Stampeders home games
• Promote special events and programs organized by the Stampeders Ambassadors and by the Calgary Stampeders Football Club