Video Assistant
CFL: 14th season
Stampeders: 14th season

McCabe is in his 14th season with the Stampeders, with his duties including the filming of practices and games as well as the editing of clips for coaches and players. He also gathers and edits player film of prospective players for the scouting department.

While he joined the Stampeders staff on a full-time basis in 2011, McCabe had filmed high-school games on behalf of the Stamps as far back as 2003.

McCabe’s sports experience includes playing football and rugby at William Aberhart High School including being a part of the Orange’s Division 2 championship football team in 1985. He later served as a volunteer coach for a total of 14 seasons at Aberhart and Lord Beaverbrook High School and was part of four more championships.

McCabe also worked for five years with the Calgary Colts juniors as a water boy and equipment assistant and for six years with the University of Dinos as a videographer and academic advisor.

McCabe has a degree in kinesiology from the U of C and in his spare time he enjoys biking, longboarding and snowboarding.