Seasons: 5
Occupation: Professional Hair and Makeup Artist/Synchro Coach
Education: Hair and Makeup
Hometown: Calgary, AB

What is your dance/performance background: Growing up I wasn’t a dancer I was a synchronized swimmer and ended up switching to dance for two years

Why did you decide to audition for the Outriders: When I joined dance, majority of my dance teachers had been or were Outriders and as soon as I turned 18 they pointed me towards trying out for the team. After looking more into it I decided to just go for it

What is your top Outriders appearance to attend: Alberta Childrens Hospital and Little Miss Outriders


Favorite charity: Canadian Cancer Society

Favorite game day song: At this moment its between On The Run by Young Thug ft. Offset or Mixed Personalities by YNW Melly ft. Kanye West

Favorite style of dance: Hip Hop

Favorite thing about Calgary: The atmosphere, so pretty much the mixture of the people or community and how beautiful it is

Favorite pastime: If I had it my way I would always be travelling in my spare time but depending on mood either out with friends or family, or at home with my fur baby binging netflix

Favorite quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”