Three words to describe myself: Outgoing, sassy, loyal


Why I wanted to become an Outrider: Growing up, my parents took me to football games and I was mesmerized by the cheerleaders. I was never a dancer growing up but I got into it when I was older and my teacher told me to try out for Outriders. I loved everything they stood for, all that they do for the community and the fact that it is much more than just a dance team


Favourite subject in school: Dance


Best concert I’ve been to: Justin Bieber


Proudest achievement to date: Finishing my diploma to become an internationally certified makeup artist and another diploma to become a session hairstylist


Favourite restaurant: Joey’s


Greatest fear: Snakes


Ideal place to shop: Sephora


Worst habit: I am the worst procrastinator


Favourite iPhone App: Instagram


Most prized possession: My fur babies


Top Outrider appearance to attend: Little Miss Outrider


Talent I most wish I had: Being able to sing


Reality TV show I’d most like to be on: Project Runway (doing the hair and makeup)


Favourite day of the year: Christmas


First thing I’d buy after winning the lottery: A home


My biggest inspiration: My Mother


Dream job: Doing hair and makeup in New York for photoshoots and runways


Celebrity I’d like to meet: Justin Bieber


One thing on my bucket list: To travel to as many places as possible