Three words to describe myself: Joyful, passionate, professional


Why I wanted to become an Outrider: To share my love of dance/cheer and be a positive role model for young female athletes. I also enjoy being involved in the community as a professional Stampeders ambassador


Favourite subject in school: Biology


Best concert I’ve been to: Any open air festival beats any concert!


Proudest achievement to date: My university academic success


Favourite restaurant: The Coup


Greatest fear: Deception


Ideal place to shop: Local outdoor markets


Worst habit: Eating too much chocolate


Favourite iPhone App: ClassDojo…I’m a passionate school teacher!


Most prized possession: The genuinely caring relationships with my friends and family


Top Outrider appearance to attend: Alberta Children’s Hospital


Talent I most wish I had: Singing


Reality TV show I’d most like to be on: The Amazing Race


Favourite day of the year: Easter


First thing I’d buy after winning the lottery: A big adventure trip for my friends and family!


My biggest inspiration: My Grandmother


Dream job: Helping children discover their full potential in mind, body, and spirit!


Celebrity I’d like to meet: Ellen DeGeneres


One thing on my bucket list: To save someone’s life