Three words to describe myself: Joyful, Silly, Cheerful
Why I wanted to become an Outrider: Too many reasons… where to I even begin?! First of all, to share my passion of dance and performance with the community. Secondly, to be a strong role model for children and youth. Lastly, to be able represent a strong organization in such a positive and professional way… just to name a few of course…
Favourite subject in school: Biology
Best concert I’ve been to: Backstreet Boys… it was my first so how can I forget!
Favourite thing about Calgary: My Calgarian family and friends!
Favourite iPhone App: Google maps… I’m always getting lost without it!
Top Outrider appearance to attend: Children’s Hospital Visits
Talent I most wish I had: Singing
Favourite day of the year: Valentine’s Day
First thing I’d buy after winning the lottery: Better learning materials and technology for my students!
My biggest inspiration: My Grandma
Dream job: I’m living my dream! Teaching and Dancing!
One thing on my bucket list: Save someone’s life.