Seasons: This is my third season!
Occupation: Sales & Marketing/Public Relations Intern
Education: I’m in my fourth year at MRU for Public Relations with a minor in Public Speaking.
Hometown: Calgary

What is your dance/performance background: Aside from one year of ballet, I never danced in studios. I was introduced to my passion for dance through my middle school dance academy program and was then accepted into the advanced dance program at my high school. Now I’m here! 🙂

Why did you decide to audition for the Outriders: After watching my first Stamps game in high school, I decided that I needed to become an Outrider. I was so impressed by their dancing and their beautiful uniforms, so it quickly became a dream of mine to join them.

What is your top Outriders appearance to attend: The Grey Cup Festival. It’s such a unique event to be a part of!

Favourite charity: Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
Favourite game day song: Old Town Road – Diplo Remix
Favourite style of dance: Jazz/Hip Hop
Favourite thing about Calgary: The sunshine!
Favourite pastime: Walking along the river.
Favourite quote: “Step outside of your comfort zone and you will discover.”